Essentials for the Newbie Cyclist: Buying Repair Kits, Safety Equipment, and Cycling Jerseys

It doesn’t matter if you just invested in a new bicycle or recently went back to cycling, buying these three essentials— your repair kit, safety tools, and cycling Jersey—should take time and proper consideration. These are the items you need to rely on throughout your cycling rides. One thing you must remember though when buying these is that always prioritize safety.

If you’re planning to shop for these items, well there are things you must consider to prioritize safety. Read on to find out what are they:

Your Repair Kit. One of the best investments you can make from a cycling shop is a repair kit. No matter how many times you put your ride in service, you’ll never know when you’ll need a quick repair on the road because of a flat tire, a broken chain, or a loosened bolt. So you better know what the use of a repair kit is and what to stock in your repair toolkit. Click here for other details

A good repair toolkit will not only make adjustments to improve your riding experience, it will also make your riding comfier. Here are the essential items your repair kit should contain:

  • Spare tube and patch kit – These are the essential tools you need for a flat tire. Sometimes tires deflate because of small punctures on the road, so you’ll need a patch kit to, you know, patch things up. Meanwhile, if your tires are largely punctured, a spare tube is always handy to bring along.
  • Multi-tool – The most versatile tool in your repair kit, this will help you fix a broken chain and tighten bolts. It has various Allen wrenches, chain tools, screwdrivers, and adjustable wrenches.
  • Tire levers – Tire levers assist you when you pry those tires off your wheel’s rim. It’s also useful when repairing a road tire.
  • Small pump – This helps you inflate your tire after you have fixed the punctured area. It’s best advised to carry a small pump so that it won’t consume much space on your backpack.

Remember that these are all just the essential tools you can buy together with your club cycling kit during average, recreational cycling. You may carry them in small saddle pack that is spacious enough for a spare tube, patch kit, multi-tool, and tire levers to fit. You may mount the small pump to your bike’s frame. For rougher, longer rides, you might have to search for specific repair tool kits that are fit for longer, harsher cycling conditions.

Safety Tools. You already have a repair kit for your bike; now you also have to stock on your safety tools. These are not necessarily first aid kits, however, it’s also necessary to bring one; these are preventive pieces of equipment that will help you avoid accidents.

First, you need to ensure your tail and head lights work, for night rides or gloomy weather biking sessions. Next, you must also have bike mirrors and bells that will help make other vehicles or cyclist be wary of you coming towards or against their directions. Remember that a bell will also help you alert pedestrians who aren’t aware of you coming towards them.

Your cycling jersey.

Also, don’t forget to shop for a well-fitting cycling clothing such as a jersey. It should be not too tight or too loose or else it will affect your capacity to breathe properly during rides. You should also buy club cycling jersey’s that are made of Polyester, never cotton. The latter soaks up your sweat and therefore sticks the clothing to your skin. Meanwhile, if your jersey has a zipper, don’t forget to check if it works before a ride.

When looking for a cycling jersey or a repair toolkit, remember to visualise your comfort and safety during a ride. Now, if you’re planning to shop for these, you may find various types of jerseys in the likes of